Your gel manicure can last perfectly on your nails for 2-3 weeks, but they are not indestructible, and
you do need to look after them. These are my top tips to wear them for longer…

  1. Firstly, your natural nails need to be healthy. Dry, peeling and soft nails don’t hold gel on and
    it will lift and chip. Give your natural nails a bit of care with a nail oil, cuticle cream and a
    treatment base coat before your gel appointment.
  2. The first 24 hours after your gel application, your new gel nails are still curing and hardening
    off fully. It is really important for the first 24 hours to be really delicate with your nails and
    avoid banging and catching them on anything and avoid having them in water for long
    periods of time.
  3. Your nails are jewels not tools. Do not use your nails as tools! Avoid using your nails to pick
    at things as this is going to lift your gel.
  4. When washing up, doing any cleaning, gardening or tough jobs, always wear gloves for
    protection. Avoid getting chemical products on your gel too.
  5. When on holiday keep in mind some colours can fade if you are in chlorinated water,
    followed by excessive sun, as both have a bleaching effect. Dry your nails after swimming
    and before sunbathing to avoid colour fading. Be careful when using insect repellents too as
    these can also fade your gel.
  6. Condition your nails daily with a nail oil and hand cream. (My favourite is the CND Solar Oil
    and Voya’s Handy to Have lavender and rosemary organic hand cream.) Regular use of home
    care products will prolong the life of your gel manicure and keep your natural nails and
    surrounding skin healthy and moisturised.
  7. And finally, don’t pick your gels off as you will most likely take bits off your natural nail too,
    leaving damage. When you are ready to, remove your gels properly with a soak off removal.

I hope these tips help with a long-lasting manicure.